Our Services

Byrd of Pray can safely clean a variety of surfaces with minimal mess.  Contact us for more information.


♦   Graffiti Removal

♦   Exterior Cleaning

♦   Automotive and
   Heavy Equipment

♦   Wood Restoration



Whether it's graffiti, paint or just built-up grime, our mobile blasting services will leave your surfaces looking brand new.

Our system is perfect for safely cleaning and de-painting most surfaces. Our process is safe for:

♦  Graffiti Removal

♦  Building Exterior Cleaning

♦  Automotive and Heavy Equipment Cleaning

♦  Wood Stripping and Restoration

Most of the water and debris is removed during the process, so cleanup is minimal.

Paint Stripping

Preparing a surface for paint can be tricky. At Byrd of Pray Mobile Blasting based in St. Albans, West Virginia, we have the latest in dustless blasting technology, which is perfect for paint preparations and stripping.

Dustless blasting is perfect for paint preparations and stripping for metal, especially when used with the rust inhibitor.  When used properly, it leaves the metal with no impurities, ensuring better paint adhesion and a paint-ready surface. 

We blast all metals to the desired finish and seal it with a two-part epoxy to minimize the return of rust. Once done, we spray guard the surface to match any color. Services are available for items that are up to 80' tall or multiple-story buildings.

Service Area

Byrd of Pray Creations works with buildings and other structures throughout the Huntington-Charleston, WV, area, as well as all areas of Putnam, Cabell, Kanawha, Wayne, Jackson. Clay, Wood, and other central West Virginia counties. 

We also offer stripping and sandblasting services on mobile vehicles in our St. Albans, WV, shop. We can remove paint from metal trailers or any vehicles quickly and safely. Contact us for more information.