Our Services

Byrd of Pray can safely clean a variety of surfaces with minimal mess.  Contact us for more information.


♦   Graffiti Removal

♦   Exterior Cleaning

♦   Automotive and
   Heavy Equipment

♦   Wood Restoration


The Benefits of Dustless Blasting

Dustless blasting removes safely grime, mildew and dirt from outdoor surfaces. Byrd of Pray Mobile Blasting has state-of-the-art equipment that quickly removes the most stubborn stains, paint, or other buildup from most surfaces.

We use a mix of water and glass to clean the surface without damaging the surface. Most of the liquid and debris is vacuumed up in the process, minimizing clean up. We also seal the cleaned surface to protect it from future build up.


The versatility of our system provides endless applications, including

♦  graffiti removal

♦  building cleaning and restoration

♦  paint stripping and surface preparation

♦  parking lot refinishing

♦  automotive paint removal

♦  heavy equipment cleaning

♦  wood restoration

♦  powder coat removal

The dustless blasting process is effective for removing calcium stains, mildew, oil, gum, and line stripes.

Safe For Most Surfaces

Our mobile blasting system is safe and effective for most exterior surfaces. Our environmentally friendly process provides great results without harsh chemicals.

Water reduces friction, preventing heat and the risk of warping associated with traditional sandblasting. With dustless blasting, there are no paint adhesion problems normally encountered with traditional soda blasting.

Are you wondering if our blasting system can help you? Contact us for a free consultation.