We can chrome any surface that can be painted with our innovative new process.Byrd of Pray Mobile Blasting is a partner wit Spectra Chrome to offer chroming services for a variety of surfaces. Spectra Chrome is the perfect spray-on chrome process for automotive parts, other metals, and even plastic and Styrofoam! With this state-of-the-art process, you can protect your surfaces with a long-lasting, durable chrome finish. This is a great option for:

• Refurbished bumpers and trailers.
• Antique cars and other vehicles
• Race cars and racing helmets
• Customized motorcycles
• Vehicle Rims
• Jet skis and other water crafts.

Protect your equipment from corrosion, extreme weather, sun damage and even salt water with our durable chrome finish. Keep everything looking new and shiny with a bright layer of chrome. 

In addition to traditional silver chroming, we offer a variety of colors, including blue, pink, green and red.

Watch this video from Spectra Chrome to see the durability of chroming in action. 


Contact us for more information on our chroming options.